Isolated Environments

Every Pull Request is built as an isolated environment so QA and other stakeholders can see the feature as you intended. No more waiting for features to be merged to staging before approval.

Easy Stakeholder Access

ContinuousPipe environments are easy to access for QA and other stakeholders. No messing around with screen sharing or tunnels - just send the the URL and credentials for immediate access.

Enable Experiments

Trying a new design, feature, framework or programming language is easy. Test your new creation without any interruption to the application availability or performance.

An overview of the project

We consider GitHub and Bitbucket not only as a code repository, but also as your project repository.

  • "Here is the address"

    When creating a pull-request, just wait and a comment will appear with the deployed environment link.

  • Identify your features

    For each branch and/or feature, ContinousPipe will deploy an isolated environment.

  • That quick feedback loop

    Developers and QAs can approve features in parallel, merging and easily deploy them.

Branches workflow

Built to embrace your application

ContinuousPipe already supports many different workflows. ContinuousPipe is an open-source product, driven by the community. Help us going forward by contributing to CP !

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