A complete integration with GitHub and Bitbucket

We consider GitHub and Bitbucket not only as a code repository, but also as your project repository.

  • "Here is the address"

    When creating a pull-request, just wait and a comment will appear with the deployed environment link.

  • Label control

    By using comments and/or labels, you can seamlessly control and manage the deployment pipeline.

  • Quick feedback loop

    Developers and QAs can approve features in parallel, merging and easily deploy them.

GitHub workflow
ContinuousPipe's live shell

Easy access to running containers

Having the ability to access the environments for debugging and investigation purposes should be a no-brainer.

  • Realtime logs

    Access the realtime logs of your container through the user interface. Don't search for them anymore!

  • Web shell

    Something is wrong? Open the "Web Shell" to access a web terminal within the running container.

(Experimental) Development environments

This demo using Laravel shows how your code changes are synchronised in the background to ContinuousPipe. Please note - Docker is not installed on the development machine - all you need is our cross-platform Remote Environment Client.

Built to embrace your application

ContinuousPipe already supports many different workflows. ContinuousPipe is an open-source product, driven by the community. Help us going forward by contributing to CP !

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