Fast Onboarding

On-boarding a new team member or a project is super fast. All they need is a Docker configuration and a Git repository.

Minimal Downtime

The containers are deployed to your Kubernetes cluster. You can configure cluster policies to enforce different type of endpoints or resilience.


There is no requirement on the Kubernetes cluster. Nothing to install on it. Just install and scale your Kubernetes cluster.

ContinuousPipe UI

Continuous deployment with containers

Enable fast changes by applying continuous deployment with your Docker based application.

  • Keep pace

    A shorter lead time with ContinuousPipe means faster deployments.

  • Your own technology

    Based on Docker containers, the pipeline can build and deploy any kind of technology stack. You can be using Go, Java, PHP or anything else – all you need is the Docker configuration.

Deploy at scale with Kubernetes

For an experimental feature, whatever your staging or production environment, the deployment will always be the same.

  • Application stack

    Your entire application will be deployed and orchestrated from your Docker Compose configuration.

  • Infrastructure independent

    Kubernetes can run everywhere, on your laptop as well as in large-scale clouds.

  • Bring your own Cluster

    On-premise or in the cloud, ContinuousPipe will deploy to the Kubernetes cluster you have


What is Kubernetes?


Built to embrace your application

ContinuousPipe already supports many different workflows. ContinuousPipe is an open-source product, driven by the community. Help us going forward by contributing to CP !

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