Why ContinuousPipe?

ContinuousPipe can be used to solve many problems in the software development lifecycle. In particular, we believe that enabling developers to have a faster development workflow is critical to delivering value.

Here are some key metrics we can impact:

from days to under and hour

Sprint Zero Time

Setting up a new project can often take a long time. As well as building virtual machines for developers, there are pipeline servers to configure. ContinuousPipe core functionality is around building environments - so creating developer, QA and integration environments is as simple as configuring ContinuousPipe and pushing branches to your repository. Within minutes, your environments are built and you're ready to go.

from days to minutes

Feature Deployment

When a feature is approved, it can take a long time to get it into pipeline environments. ContinuousPipe can run your automated tests and automatically deploy into staging, or enable manual deployment into production. You don't need to host your production site on ContinuousPipe (or even Docker) to get these benefits - we can run your existing deployment workflow and get your features deployed in minutes, not days.

from days to minutes

QA and Stakeholder Feedback

Waiting for QA and other stakeholders to give feedback to developers can really slow down the development process. Previously you might have shared access to your dev environment via a hangout or tunnel, or merged your feature to a staging environment (and risk breaking it for everyone else). ContinuousPipe creates an isolated environment with every pull request, so minutes after creating your pull request your QA team and other stakeholders can be reviewing your work (from wherever they are in the world) and giving you the feedback you need on order to get the feature approved in minutes, not days.

from days to 15 minutes

Onboarding a Developer

Virtual Machines tend to rot, and often a new team member can spend days trying to get up and running. The ContinuousPipe Developer Environment makes the onboarding process really simple and quick. Create a new environment in the Control Panel, wait for it to build, and install and setup our Remote Development tool. You can be productive in just 15 minutes, not days.

from hours to minutes

Monthly Developer Downtime

Virtual Machines are difficult to maintain, and laptops run out of memory. This causes frustration for developers who might lose half a day or more per month, with the downtime quickly adding up. The ContinuousPipe Developer Environment is reliable and dramatically reduces this downtime from hours to minutes per month.

from 30 seconds to less than 1 second

Page Performance

Virtual Machines and Docker can be really slow, especially on Mac and Windows. This is often because of large frameworks with thousands of classes being autoloaded with each page request. It's not uncommon to experience a 10 second page load time for a Symfony or Magento application in developer mode. The ContinuousPipe Developer Environment runs your code on production-grade containers, so you benefit from production-like performance.

Built to embrace your application

ContinuousPipe already supports many different workflows. If you’d like further information, or would like to discuss how ContinuousPipe could help your organisation, drop us a line.

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